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Daniel R. Finelt

Daniel R. Finelt


Office | Houston
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Career Highlights

Dan Finelt has over 30 years of experience working in the hydrocarbon processing industry, including refining, petrochemicals, and specialty chemicals.  Dan has worked in process engineering, refinery operations, operations planning and economics, and long range strategic planning.  He has experience in all types of refinery process operations, with extensive engineering and operations involvement with catalytic cracking and delayed coking.  While working for a major chemical manufacturer, he was responsible for operations optimization and troubleshooting on a large capacity high-density polyethylene process facility.  Dan’s planning experience includes running refinery LP simulations, including AspenTech’s PIMS model, as well as performing competitor evaluation studies.  Immediately prior to joining Baker & O'Brien, Dan was the Manager of Operations Planning responsible for the overall optimization of a complex refinery near Denver, Colorado.

Dan has been deposed on business interruption losses.