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PRISM Licensees

Current PRISM software licensees include integrated international oil companies, independent refiners, crude and synthetic crude oil producers, crude and product traders, industrial gas producers,pipeline companies, and refinery technology licensors. Ten of the twelve largest North American refining companies, collectively comprising over 60 percent of installed North American refining capacity license the PRISM system. Besides the U.S., there are PRISM users in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, and South America


Related Experience

Related Experience
Gasoline Blending Data
Provided gasoline and diesel blend pool quantity and quality data for 15 U.S. refineries for use in biofuel blending studies.
PRISM Data or Analysis
Refining Company Financial Analysis
Prepared a financial analysis of an independent U.S. Refiner and Marketer in support of a valuation for a prospective buyer.
Refinery Due Dilgence Assessment
Provided an initial assessment of a Gulf Coast refinery for possible acquisition by the client.  Provided estimated refinery yields and profitability.