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People Details

Melvin M. Sinquefield

Melvin M. Sinquefield


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Career Highlights

Mel has over 30 years of professional experience in refining, petrochemicals and oil and gas exploration and production. He began his career at Exxon’s Baton Rouge Refinery where he provided process operations support to Hydrocracking, Hydrotreating, and Middle Distillates process units. At BP, Mel began as a Gathering Center process engineer, followed by leadership positions in process safety management (PSM) and health, safety, and environment (HSE).

Mel’s experience in process engineering, PSM, and HSE cross-cuts refinery and production operations, major facility construction and commissioning, seismic, drilling and well operations.

As a Master Root Cause Specialist, Mel investigated numerous incidents involving casualties, major asset losses, and environmental damages. He has deep insight into risk-based PSM/HSE management system requirements and the bearing of human factors on related incidents.

Mel served as the Safety Officer on the incident management team (IMT) for Deepwater Horizon and for many other global IMT events.

Mel is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas and Alaska, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator. 

In 2019, Mel achieved a Level 7 Certificate (Regulated Qualifications Framework, RQF, accredited at master's level qualification) for Legal Experience Training Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence (LETAPAEWE).