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Gary  N. Devenish

Gary  N. Devenish


Office | Houston
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Career Highlights

Gary has 20 years of experience working in petroleum refining.  Gary has worked in process engineering design, research and development, field services, technical service, operations management, and planning and economics.  He has experience in a broad range of refinery and petrochemical processing operations, including extensive engineering and operations involvement with continuous catalytic reforming and crude/vacuum distillation units.  Gary’s experience in research and development includes pilot plant testing of hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts.  While working for a major process technology licensor, he was responsible for commissioning several new and revamped process units throughout the world.  Gary was the lead process/project design engineer for a large crude unit, and later became the Operations Superintendent for the same unit.  As Planning and Economics Manager for a large complex gulf coast refinery, Gary was responsible for the overall plant optimization, as well as the logistics for all feedstocks and products.  His economics and planning experience includes running LP simulations, including AspenTech’s PIMS model.  Immediately prior to joining Baker and O’Brien, Gary was Operations Manager for two hydrotreating/hydrocracking units at the same refinery.

In 2019, Gary achieved a Level 7 Certificate (Regulated Qualifications Framework, RQF, accredited at master's level qualification) for Legal Experience Training Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence (LETAPAEWE).