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News Details

2007 NPRA Annual Meeting

April 3, 2007

Energy security would now appear to be at the forefront of the many challenges facing the US energy industries.  In fact, the theme of this year’s NPRA in San Antonio was “Shaping a Secure Energy Future.”   The combination of economic and petroleum demand growth, current and potential legislation, and global tensions all contribute to making our investment decisions more difficult than in the recent past.  There are still enormous incentives for industry and government to make informed decisions that will enable us to strike the correct balance between economics and security.  Parallel to this, the industry continues to study what needs to be done to ensure that we do, in fact, make informed decisions.  With this in mind, Baker & O’Brien presented two papers at the NPRA. The first paper presented the possible future impacts of ethanol legislation.  The second of the papers presented the background and economics of coal-to-liquids processing.  We hope that you find the papers to be thought-provoking and informative.