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News Details

European PRISM Release

January 8, 2007

Baker & O’Brien announces the release of a new PRISM™ data service to include an annual analysis of 54 Western European refineries.  The PRISM system combines a unique and comprehensive industry database with a robust refinery simulator. The database contains information about individual refinery capacities, configurations, crude runs, production profiles, product distribution patterns, cost structures, and financial performance.   Data service subscribers receive periodic updates to the database.  The refinery simulator allows them to perform their own “what-if” analysis starting with Baker & O’Brien’s dataset.  The PRISM United States (U.S.) data service includes quarterly analysis of essentially every U.S. refinery.

John O’Brien, President of Baker & O’Brien, said, “After several client requests, we are extremely pleased to offer the PRISM Western European dataset.   This is our first step in expanding the PRISM program that is already widely used in North America.  It will allow clients with European interests to analyze specific refinery performance parameters in response to a range of variables, such as changes to crude slate, changes in refinery configuration, or changes in product specifications. Subject to client requirements, we hope to expand PRISM to other regions of the world.”