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News Details

Canadian Fuels Association Releases Baker & O’Brien Study on Cumulative Impacts of Policy Scenarios Facing the Canadian Downstream Petroleum Sector

February 5, 2013

This report addresses compliance costs, supply implications, and the survivability of Canadian refineries under three categories of potential policies and regulations: 1) initiatives to reduce stationary source emissions of traditional air pollutants from refineries; 2) fuel reformulation requirements aimed to reduce emissions of traditional pollutants and greenhouse gases (GHG); and 3) climate change initiatives intended to reduce the use of petroleum-based fuels. The results show that the potential cumulative cost burden of these scenarios is $3.6 billion – 78 percent of which affects eastern Canadian refineries. In fact, five of the nine refineries in eastern Canada are vulnerable to closure, which would affect 47% of the total Canadian refinery capacity.

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