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Baker & O'Brien Releases First Quarter 2017 Edition of Energy Expert: Issues in Focus

April 19, 2017

This quarter’s Energy Expert newsletter profiles several of Baker & O’Brien’s engagements that we hope you will find interesting, informative and thought provoking:

  • In the lead article, Peter Halliday explains that because cogeneration (“cogen”) plants (i.e., facilities, often external to the refinery, that use surplus refinery fuel gas to produce steam and power for the refinery and also non-refinery users) sit “between” the refiner and the traditional power supplier (the grid), if things go wrong, disputes can arise about where the fault lies. 
  • Next, Scott Jensen discusses whether temperature differences should be accounted for when motor fuel is delivered to consumers at the service station.  Although the motor fuel refining process precludes the possibility of ever delivering the identical energy content in every gallon of gasoline, conflicting views persist as to the pros and cons of temperature adjustment.  Should you buy your fuel in the morning when it is cooler?  
  • Finally, Ben Schrader describes an investigation into a business interruption claim at a sugar cane mill in South America.  Sugar cane is the world’s largest crop by production volume, and there are hundreds of such mills throughout the globe. The key question in this case—did the owner do everything possible to mitigate damages?


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