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David Morgan Presents at ProcessCEM Asia 2008 in Singapore

November 12, 2008

David Morgan, a Senior Consultant in Baker & O'Brien's Houston Office presented two papers, one at the Asian Productivity Organization's (APO) 2008 Singapore Workshop on “Innovation and Sustainable Strategies for Growth in the Process Industry," and the other at the contemporaneous “ProcessCEM Asia 2008” International Exhibition and Conference.  Attendees at the APO Workshop represented 13 member countries from the region.  The ProcessCEM event was the first international exhibition and conference on plant construction, engineering and maintenance for the process industry ever held in the Southeast Asia.  Much of the focus of both events was how productivity and safety concepts and practices of major processing industries, such as petroleum refining and petrochemical processing, can be transferred to small and medium enterprises.

Following are brief abstracts of Mr. Morgan's presentations.  To see the full presentations, please click on one of the links at the bottom of the document.

Implementation of Health, Safety and & Environmental Practices in the U.S Hydrocarbon Process Industries (APO Workshop) -  Following the catastrophic incidents in operating facilities during the late 1980s, it was determined that: (1) regulations by themselves were not sufficient, (2) new initiatives for process safety were needed.  In 1992, the OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) standard (29 CFR 1910.119) was established to provide guidelines to develop the systems necessary to manage the safety of any process involving highly hazardous chemicals.  In 2007, this was followed by the OSHA National Emphasis Program to focus on implementation, versus just documentation.  Industry then began implementing risk management safety techniques to help optimize the development and implementation of the PSM principles.  It was also discussed that, ultimately, it is the company culture and attitude that can have the greatest effect on its safety performance.  This presentation reviewed the progress from the late 1980s to the present day.

Key Elements to Achieving World Class Reliability and Maintenance (ProcessCEM Asia Conference) -  This presentation reviewed pitfalls and characteristics of success in maintenance, and then highlighted that the foundation for an effective and consistent maintenance and reliability program was to understand and manage the risk that is associated with failure.  The paper reviewed how risk-based decision making principles could be used to develop both routine and reliability maintenance practices to: (1) focus efforts on the areas that pose the highest risk, (2) assure consistent decision making throughout the organization, (3) optimize utilization of limited personnel and budgetary resources, and (4) provide the highest return for the efforts.

To view the full presentations, click on one of the following links: APO - RAM Presentation or APO - Safety Presentation

For further information, please contact David Morgan at: (1) 832 358 1453, or: