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Ethanol: Absorbing the Deluge

May 12, 2008

The recent energy bill signed into law significantly increases the volume of ethanol that must be blended into gasoline to more than double the current level by 2012. During 2007, as ethanol production capacity surged, the increase in ethanol blending was driven by attractive economics, with gasoline marketers largely determining the pace at which ethanol penetrates conventional gasoline markets.

Now that aggressive new targets have been set, the changes from economics to regulatory compliance. "Ethanol Absorbing the Deluge" examines supply and demand, logistical issues, and the decisions that will be required to meet the new ethanol mandate.  The following paper (click on link below for a PDF version) was presented by Baker & O'Brien's Kevin Waguespack, Scott Jensen and Greg Constien at the NPRA Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA.

Ethanol - Absorbing the Deluge