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FACTS Global Energy (FGE)

FGE was incorporated as Fesharaki Associates Consulting & Technical Services (FACTS) in 1983 by Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki. The company was the first consulting firm to specialize in the oil and gas markets East of Suez and remains one of the very few firms to focus expertise on the Asia Pacific market. With the acquisition of Energy Market Consultants (EMC) in 2006, the FGE group is unique in the oil and gas consultant market, with focused expertise on the Asia Pacific, Middle Eastern, North American, European, and former Soviet Union markets. FGE combines its technical tools, economic analysis, computer simulation, and engineering considerations with qualitative analysis of market behavior and political realities. In addition, its extensive industry contacts and convening power through flagship conferences and briefings further support its client base. 

FACTS Global Energy (FGE)


Consulting Associates

Baker & O’Brien’s services, and the industries in which we provide those services, have a broad span – one that is typically met by our full-time staff of consultants.  However, certain situations that we encounter may require our consulting team to be supplemented with specialized knowledge and unique skill sets. Baker & O’Brien has proactively established relationships with certain consulting associates and consulting firms who bring these additional skills to bear on our clients’ issues.  After consultation with our client, we are able to efficiently incorporate the specialized consultant(s) into our project team.  Based on client requirements, these consulting associates may either become a part of our team or work under the direct instruction of the client.  We believe that in these untypical instances our clients are best served, thereby maintaining our process of providing timely and knowledgeable advice on a wide range of technical and economic issues across the energy and related industries.